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Loading and Unloading

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading must be taking place. If there are any breaks in the activity, for example, to make a cup of tea, then the vehicle should be moved to an alternative parking space such as a pay and display bay and a ticket should be purchased from the machine on the street. Loading bays can be used by anyone who is loading/unloading. You cannot park in a loading bay. The days and times that the restriction applies are shown on the sign on the street. You are also not allowed to load and unload in parking places such as taxi ranks, disabled bays and any other bay that is set aside for a specific vehicle or motorist. If you were loading or unloading you should appeal the notice and include evidence of this activity, for example, a delivery note, receipt or if you were loading or unloading because you were moving house confirmation of this such as a tenancy agreement.

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